Butterfly park Costa del Sol

Butterfly Zoo on the Costa del Sol – Group Tours
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A unique experience for groups on the Costa del Sol where we will find more than 1,500 butterflies from all over the world flying freely in a closed area with more than 2,000 square meters and recreating a tropical habitat.

This butterfly park is located in Benalmádena, only 45 minutes by car from Marbella.

The butterfly garden is a zoo in every sense of the word. The main difference with other parks is that you work with animals that have a half-life of two weeks.

Our group will enjoy a dynamic zoo, in which the population of butterflies is completely renewed every fortnight. In addition, we will always be in direct contact with the butterflies, which are flying around the visitors and make it possible to directly observe their behavior. This activity is called zoo-immersion, that is: the visitor is immersed in the habitat of the animals.

The garden has been conceived as a diaphanous and luminous space. The flight area of ​​the Benalmádena butterfly garden is a glazed tropical garden of more than nine hundred square meters of surface and eight meters high where between 1,500 and 2,000 butterflies of exotic species fly. A marvel that you can not miss …

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