MARBELLA WORKOUT Fitness Golf on the la Costa del Sol.
Information and RESERVATIONS: + ( 34 ) 602 198 933

With our fitness-golf method, we will strengthen your muscles and we will help you in a specific way to improve or prevent injuries and other ailments that avoid you from enjoying 100% of our beautiful sport.

Golf is an enjoyment that deserves to be practiced without discomfort or pain that limits us in the game.

Marbellaworkout Fitness Golf offers classes designed in a dynamic and fun way, so that in a group or individually, you can perform safe and effective exercises that will help you optimize your physical condition and improve your golf.

Fitness-golf classes for all ages and levels, which are focused both on body movement to strengthen weak points or prevent and improve harmful gestures, as well as to tone and strengthen your general musculature.

Golf is a sport that does not require a great physical condition, but in the execution of the “swing” a significant degree of concentration and effort is required of us, therefore, that is where we must focus our fitness training to avoid future injuries, pain or complications

Fitness training at all levels, to compensate for muscle and joint imbalance caused by repetitions in the game. Planned classes that will also help us prevent injuries and develop certain muscle groups, while making others more flexible.

Improve your swing speed, coordination and balance with our MW Fitness Golf training plan

The best fitness exercises to continue playing in a safe and healthy way.

Also with exercises especially suitable for:

  • People who have suffered operations or injuries and need to resume the game safely.
  • People who suffer from pain or physical discomfort during or after the game.
  • People who are new to golf and do not want to take potentially harmful or harmful vices.
  • People with mild handicaps such as chronic lumbago, joint limitations, scoliosis, prosthesis, etc.

For further information and reservations:

Parque de Los Tres Jardines s/n, 29670, San Pedro de Alcántara (Marbella)
Mobile: + ( 34 ) 602 198 933
E-mail: [email protected]