SeaWorld park, dolphins, penguins and other species

Group excursion – SeaWorld park in Costa del Sol – dolphins, penguins and other species.
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Located in Benalmádena only about 30 minutes driving distance from Marbella.

A unique park on the Costa del Sol, with 4 zones and differing views:

-The ice island.

-The dolphinarium.

-The exotic birds

-The little Amazon

Enjoy your group a different route through this unique Sea-World park on the Costa del Sol, where you can see many different species and ecosystems as well as various exhibitions and performances with wild animals.

More than 10,000 square meters where the dolphins and the unique ice penguin enclosure in Andalusia are located. It is also an expedition to South America, with its fauna and its most representative habitats. A unique journey through the tropical Caribbean sea, the lush Amazon and the icy South Pole.7
A conceptual and innovative park, with a full program including exhibitions, educational speech and activities where the protagonists are the dolphins, sea lions from La Patagonia, king penguins, exotic birds and native species in the Amazon, as piranhas, green basilisks or the arrow frogs.


The Ice island

Ice Island shows the only ice Penguinarium in Andalusia, a cold landscape populated by the most complete species of penguins as King Penguins, Magellan, Juanito and Macaroni.

The Penguinarium faithfully reproduces the natural habitat of these birds with temperatures never above 0 degrees Celsius, replicating the environmental conditions at the icy cliffs of the lands in south of the planet.

The Dolphinarium

Formed by a wide bleacher where comfortably watch Dolphins and Sea Lions´ shows. It has got five swimming pools, two workouts, one of reproduction, veterinary treatments and exhibition areas.

The main one is a spectacular saltwater circular pond, with transparent front panels which allow you to see close and underwater, inches away, the intelligent dolphins originating in the warm waters of the Caribbean.

Very near is located the Sea Lion installation that allows us to know the playful and young specimens of this species, native to the distant lands of Patagonia



Exotic birds

Birds exhibition with species from one of the most legendary and striking territories in South America, the Amazon.

The exhibition offers the opportunity to meet different types of exotic birds such as cockatoos, including the white cockatoo and pastinator cockatoo. There are also macaws (blue-yellow, red …), yacos and the peacocks among others….


The little Amazon

The most legendary and charismatic of rainforests, home to half of all animal and plant species on the planet, many of them still un-catalogued.

Aquariums and aquaterrariums with waters and territories bordering the Amazon River, where you can see species as diverse as the ray Ocelada fish, the Pacu piranha, the Plecostomus, amphibians, reptiles and the poisonous arrow frog.

We also will see the Amazonian tarantula, which will surprise you by its size and shape.



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