Visits organized in groups to learn first-hand about the cultivation and production of the Aloe Vera plant, from which 100% natural cosmetics and health products are extracted.
Come to know all the secrets and benefits of this medicinal plant, which will surprise us for its repairing properties of the skin.

This millenary plant has been cultivated on our coast since the 1980s and with it the purest natural cosmetics from plants grown in strictly organic conditions are made.

The farm where the Aloe Vera gel is extracted is located in the hills of Estepona, and during our visit they will everything about the organic cultivation, the harvest and the processing of the Aloe Vera medicinal plant, also during the harvest period of September to January, as well as in May and June, the gel is extracted from the plant that will be exported for the production of juices and cosmetics. Mentioned extraction can be seen through the glass walls of the laboratory.


Detail of visits:

– Explanation about the cultivation and harvesting of the plant
– Information projection for groups, within the laboratory
– Gel extraction process (in collection season)
– Test of cosmetic products and tasting of 100% natural juice
– Possibility of buying Aloe Vera products: “Santaverde Cosmetics””

In this farm, 100% natural raw material is obtained for the elaboration of cosmetic formulas, using only juices from own plants, enriched with the freshest and most valuable vegetable oils. Without any water drop !!!!
Most of the raw materials used come from certified organic cultivation and certified wild harvest of Aloe Vera. Our skin reflects our life, protects us and allows us to feel but external and internal influences can weaken it and lead to deficiencies of hydration, dryness, premature aging of the skin or an excess of fat production.

The objective of the natural cosmetics “Santaverde” is to return to the skin its natural balance and facilitate regeneration by itself, in addition, after our visit, you can buy fresh plants and leaves, as well as natural cosmetics and pure Aloe Vera juices .

For further information & reservations:

Phone numbers: + (34) 952 80 83 43
E-mail: [email protected]