Outsourcing Options Marbelladreams

Two types of commercial outsourcing to adapt to your needs:

1- Subcontracting and Outsourcing of business processes, where we generate and operate a complete commercial plan for the commercial actions of your company.

-Commercial and Marketing Plans
-Signing of commercial agreements
-Preparation and reporting of reports
-Relational Marketing and web Marketing actions
-Commercial visits
-Fair assistance

2- Outtasking, where only certain commercial tasks to be developed are transferred.

Advantages of using an outsourcing contract

Obviously, the main advantage of resorting to an outsourcing contract is saving money, since your company will not have to invest in training or hiring more staff, expanding payrolls, remodeling facilities or buying new equipment. Other advantages are the following:

  • By outsourcing some or all of the business tasks, your company will be able to focus its functions to operate more efficiently.
  • It achieves maximum performance and production.
  • Your company will be able to respond more quickly to changes, transferring business tasks.
  • Better quality of the products or services carried out by the contracting company.
  • Companies that hire external services are usually highly trained and well organized to work more profitably, since hiring them does not involve a large investment of time and money.

Many companies are taking advantage of outsourcing to adapt to modern changes in business management. Marbelladreams is specialized in the areas of marketing and customer service in Marbella and the Costa del Sol.

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